lava mountain river farm



If you are looking for a perfect city escape on a weekend, summer, or any season, Lava Mountain River Farm is an easy-to-reach vacation spot in Cebu City. Just a 45-minute drive from downtown, you can already enjoy a unique and relaxing experience that is close to nature.




Our native accommodations create a welcoming and relaxing ambiance that will inspire you to unwind and appreciate life at its simplicity and elegance. At Lava Mountain River Farm, you can stay at the Bali Hut, Day Use House, or at the Stone House which are constructed with native designs to let you experience the fresh breeze of air from the surrounding trees and mountains.


Pamper yourself by our masahistas so you feel rejuvenated after that long and tiring week from work.

Nothing truly compares the vacation and relaxation experience that Lava Mountain River Farm can offer!