lava mountain river farm



– We prioritize reserved bookings. We can accept walk-ins only if our huts are not fully booked or if we do not have Exclusive Stay guests.


  1. Amenities and Services
    • Use of swimming pool (no curfew, unlimited use)
    • Easy access to Mananga River (river is right beside the farm)
    • River trekking (We do not allow unguided trekking. Guided service at 400/guide, maximum of 4 pax per guide. Payment direct to guides and not to us.)
      2 routes:
      Liki (easy 2-3 hours roundtrip)
      and Himbabawud Waterfalls (intermediate 3-4 hours roundtrip)
    • Bonfire area (Php100 for firewood bundle)
    • BBQ station (free)
    • Guests may use our refrigerator for free.
    • Masahista (450/hour, advance notice required, cancellation not allowed on the day of schedule in consideration to expenses and travel of masahista to farm)
  2. Location, transportation, distance, travel time
    • LMRF is located in Sitio Biasong, Brgy. Bonbon, Cebu City. We are right beside the Mananga River.
    • LMRF is approximately 18km away from the city. About 45 min – 1 hour drive up the mountains from JY Square in Lahug, Cebu City. From Transcentral Highway, the farm is approximately 5km away.
    • If bringing your own cars, we recommend to use SUV, pick-up, or better. Vans and jeeps can also be used to get there. Do not bring lowered cars or sedans as the road is not nice and you may cause damage to your car.
  3. WIFI and Mobile Signal
    • There is LTE, call and SMS signal for Smart Network subscribers. There is limited signal for Globe subscribers.
  4. Caretakers and Staff
    • We have a team of caretakers and staff there to assist our guests during their stay.
  5. Safety and Security
    • The farm is fenced all around and gated. No unauthorized people are allowed to enter.
    • We have staff there 24/7.
    • We have a roving night guard.
  6. Water Heaters and Air Conditioning
    • There is no water heater or air conditioning units at LMRF.
  7. Mosquitoes and Bugs
    • Mosquitoes are not a regular problem there but it is advisable to bring antimosquito/anti-bug lotion/spray.
  8. Towels and Toiletries
    • Guests are advised to bring own towels. Towels are available for a fee of Php20 per towel per day.
    • Please bring own toiletries. Toilet paper will be provided.
  9. Pool
    • The pool is 5 feet 5 inches at the deep end and 3 feet at the shallow end.
    • Pool water is flowing directly from river (filtered and treated).
    • Eating is not allowed in the pool.
    • Breakable glasses is not allowed in the pool.
  10. Pets
    • Only small sized pets are allowed there (e.g. Chihuahua, Shitsu, Dachshund, etc.)
    • No pets allowed in pool.
  11. Directions to Farm
    GETTING TO LAVA FARM (From JY Square, Lahug):

    1. Drive along Transcentral Highway until you reach KM 17 marker (this is after
    Bumble V Gas Station but before Ayala Heights). A few meters after KM 17
    marker, you will see LAVA MOUNTAIN RIVER FARM SIGNAGE on the LEFT SIDE of
    the road. Turn left on that corner.
    2. Follow road directional signages to get to the farm. Distance of travel will be
    4.5kms from Transcentral highway.
    *We do not recommend to bring lowered sedans to the farm as the road is not
    nice near the farm.
    **Recommended vehicles: SUV, AUV, Van, Pickup, Jeep. 4×4 NOT required to get
    Above driving directions is ROUTE 2 in the picture on the next page. ROUTE 2 is
    the recommended route due to better road conditions.
  12. Security Deposit
    • A P2,000.00 cash bond will be requested by our staff upon check-in at Lava Mountain River Farm. Kindly prepare this amount beforehand as we do not have credit card facilities in the mountain. Failure to comply with the conditions listed below will lead to partial or total forfeiture of the security deposit.
      1. Pool
        1. No eating and drinking around the pool area. This is due to the risk of broken glass or build up of pests in the pool area.
        2. No vomiting in and around the pool area, for sanitary and health reasons.
      2. Stay
        1. Strict check-in and checkout time should be followed by guests. (In case there is delay to check-out, guests must stay at the Pavillion while waiting to get picked-up)
      3. Theft
        1. No uprooting of plants and other wildlife within the property.
        2. No picking of fruits.
      4. Noise
        1. Noise levels should be kept at a minimum between 10PM-6AM for non-exclusive bookings.
      5. Indecent behavior
        1. Any immoral, unethical or illegal behavior including and not limited to excessive drunkenness, prolonged loud activity, illicit drug use, and rowdy behavior.
    • Damages to the property will also be deducted from the security deposit. Damages to the property include but are not limited to the following:
      1. Break doors and destroy furniture.
      2. Burn marks on our tables – by putting very hot pans on to the surface.
      3. Break plates and glasses.
      4. Destroy bathroom fixtures by improper use.
      5. Soiled linens from stains and/or vomit.
    • For damages exceeding P2000, the appropriate amount will be advised to the guest and will be asked to pay accordingly. Failure to pay will lead to the corresponding legal action.
  13. Please read our Terms and Conditions.