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Definition of Terms:

LMRF – Lava Mountain River Farm


  1. Food
    1. Food Cancellation:
      1. If ingredients for pre-ordered food were already purchased for the guests, LMRF will charge guests at 60% of food package to cover for the costs associated with purchasing the food (food cost, transportation, labor) if a refund is requested.
      2. Guests have an option to pick-up the food at Lava Mountain River Farm but must do so within 5 days from the booking.
      3. This is due to the need for the farm staff to purchase food in the city within 3 days prior to the booking.
      4. This condition is applicable even during the event of a natural calamity or adverse conditions.
  2. Check-In and Check-Out Time
    1. Check-In and Check-Out time is strictly as follows:
      1. Overnight: 2PM to 11AM the following day
      2. Day Use: 9AM to 6PM on the same day
    2. Failure to comply will lead to a 50% deduction in the security deposit to be returned.
  3. Security Deposit
    1. A P2,000 security deposit (in cash) will be included in overnight and exclusive bookings made with Lava Mountain River Farm.
    2. The security deposit will be returned to the guests after the booking assuming that the group has fully complied with the terms and condition of the resort, specifically with respect to the terms on Check-In and Check-Out, and our Damages Policy.
    3. Failure to comply will lead to partial or total forfeit of the security deposit.
  4. Rebooking and Cancellation Policy
    1. We will only allow rebooking if requested at least 30 days prior to the booked date.
    2. We only allow 1 rebooking provided that
      1. the prior condition is met or in extreme weather conditions and
      2. upon discretion of management.
    3. Any rebooking done more than once or less than 30 days prior will result in forfeiture of down-payment.
    4. Down-payment is non-refundable except in the event of extreme weather scenarios (typhoon or earthquake) and is at the discretion of management.
  5. Damages Policy
    1. We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of rectifying damage, caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless act of the guest to the hotel’s property or structure.
      1. Should this damage come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right to keep the security deposit or send an invoice for the amount to the registered address.
      2. We will however make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to contracting specialists to make the repairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that the guest would incur to a minimum.
    2. We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of replacing any items that are removed from the premises by them without consent.
      1. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing item, including any carriage charges.
      2. Should the fact that the item is missing come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right to keep the security deposit, or send an invoice for the amount to the registered address.
  6. Valuables
    1. Please do not to bring expensive jewelry, precious goods or large amounts of cash onto the LMRF premises.
    2. Please ensure that all items of value are always stored securely and not left unattended.
    3. To the extent permissible by law, we will not be liable for any loss of or damage to any property brought onto the LMRF premises.
    4. In the event that LMRF is found to be liable for any such loss or damage, LMRF shall not be liable for such loss and damage to an amount exceeding the statutory limitation available under the applicable local laws and regulations.
  7. Disclaimers
    1. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the content and materials displayed on this website.
    2. Regular review of the website is performed and, where appropriate, updates are made on the pages to reflect any changes to the features, functionality and available services of LMRF.
    3. The materials on this website are for general information only and nothing in the website contains professional advice or any binding commitment upon us in relation to the accuracy, reliability or availability of the products and services on offer or provided by us.
  8. Miscellaneous
    1. We retain our right to exercise or enforce any right contained in the Terms and Conditions. In the event that we fail to take action, it shall not be deemed as a waiver of our right or prevent us from taking subsequent action in respect of that right or of any other right.
    2. In the event of any provision of the Terms and Conditions being found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision shall not affect the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions. All provisions not affected by such invalidity or unenforceability shall remain in full force and effect.
    3. The Terms and Conditions are written in the English language and may be translated into other languages. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the translated version of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.


Last Updated: 28 August 2020