lava mountain river farm



We are on reservation basis only. For group bookings only.
We accept one day use AND one overnight group (maximum of 2 groups) per day
unless reservation is for exclusive use.
We do not rent out the rooms and cottages individually. We do not accept walk-ins.


Adjustments to the New Normal (9/30/2020)

  1. We only have one type of accommodation during the new normal – Overnight or Day-Use at the Riverside Hut (Formerly Day-Use Hut).
    • We only cater to one group per day – either one Overnight group or one Day-Use group.
  2. Here are the type of bookings available
    • For Group Overnight Stay: For 8 pax (and up to 20 pax only)
    • For Group Day-Use: For 8 pax (and only up to 30 pax only)
    • Photoshoot Booking
  3. When arriving at the farm, please comply with the entry procedure
    • Wear mask upon checking-in and dealing with any staff
    • Disinfect hands, and disinfect footwear on sanitation mat
    • Complete Health Safety Checklist Forms
  4. Some major changes to the farm experience:
    • Poolside lounge has been closed for the meantime
    • No access to the river to during the pandemic, to reduce exposure to the local community.
    • Food and beverage menu has been taken out in the mean time as we adjust to the new normal.
  5. How to maximize your visit to the farm
    • Prepare your meals ahead: You can cook at our Riverside Hut Kitchen and Grill area, and keep your food inside the refrigerator provided. Bringing your own butane stove can also be a good way to setup for a korean food fest. Bring some coffee and have it during the cold mornings.
    • Bring speakers: Having music by the poolside is a great way to enjoy the trip.
    • Prepare for cold wear: Nighttime and early mornings are much cooler than the temperature within the city – especially those not used to colder temperatures. Blankets will be provided, but prepare for cold and rainy weather.
    • Bring some yoga mats and get some exercise by the pool, or on your lounge.
    • Enjoy being around nature once again



  1. Amenities and Services
    • Use of swimming pool (no curfew, unlimited use)
    • Easy access to Mananga River (river is right beside the farm)
    • River trekking (free if no guide, guided service at 100/trekker – payment direct to guides and not to us)
      2 routes:
      Liki (easy 2-3 hours roundtrip)
      and Himbabawud Waterfalls (intermediate 3-4 hours roundtrip)
    • Bonfire area (Php100 for firewood bundle)
    • BBQ station (free)
    • Guests may use our refrigerator for free.
    • Masahista (300/hour, advance notice required, cancellation not allowed on the day of schedule in consideration to expenses and travel of masahista to farm)
  2. Location, transportation, distance, travel time
    • LMRF is located in Sitio Biasong, Brgy. Bonbon, Cebu City. We are right beside the Mananga River.
    • LMRF is approximately 18km away from the city. About 45 min – 1 hour drive up the mountains from JY Square in Lahug, Cebu City. From Transcentral Highway, the farm is approximately 5km away.
    • If bringing your own cars, we recommend to use SUV, pick-up, or better. Vans and jeeps can also be used to get there. Do not bring lowered cars or sedans as the road is not nice and you may cause damage to your car.
    • If requiring transportation, we can arrange for a hired jeepney to transport guests to the farm. The jeepney can fit 20-22pax and will cost Php3,500 for roundtrip transportation from JY Square.
    • If using public transport, the best option would be to take a ‘habal-habal’ from JY Square. The drivers are familiar with the Lava Farm in Biasong and can take guests there for approx. Php250/head.
  3. WIFI and Mobile Signal
    • There is LTE, call and SMS signal for Smart Network subscribers. There is limited signal for Globe subscribers.
  4. Caretakers and Staff
    • We have a team of caretakers and staff there to assist our guests during their stay.
  5. Safety and Security
    • The farm is fenced all around and gated. No unauthorized people are allowed to enter.
    • We have staff there 24/7.
    • We have a roving night guard.
  6. Water Heaters and Air Conditioning
    • There is no water heater or air conditioning units at LMRF.
  7. Mosquitoes and Bugs
    • Mosquitoes are not a regular problem there but it is advisable to bring antimosquito/anti-bug lotion/spray.
  8. Towels and Toiletries
    • Guests are advised to bring own towels. Towels are available for a fee of Php20 per towel per day.
    • Please bring own toiletries. Toilet paper will be provided.
  9. Pool
    • The pool is 5 feet 5 inches at the deep end and 3 feet at the shallow end.
    • Pool water is flowing directly from river (filtered and treated).
    • Eating is not allowed in the pool.
    • Breakable glasses is not allowed in the pool.
  10. Pets
    • You may bring pets there.
    • No pets allowed in pool.
  11. Directions to Farm
    GETTING TO LAVA FARM (From JY Square, Lahug):

    1. Drive along Transcentral Highway until you reach KM 17 marker (this is after
    Bumble V Gas Station but before Ayala Heights). A few meters after KM 17
    marker, you will see LAVA MOUNTAIN RIVER FARM SIGNAGE on the LEFT SIDE of
    the road. Turn left on that corner.
    2. Follow road directional signages to get to the farm. Distance of travel will be
    4.5kms from Transcentral highway.
    *We do not recommend to bring lowered sedans to the farm as the road is not
    nice near the farm.
    **Recommended vehicles: SUV, AUV, Van, Pickup, Jeep. 4×4 NOT required to get
    Above driving directions is ROUTE 2 in the picture on the next page. ROUTE 2 is
    the recommended route due to better road conditions.
  12. Please read our Terms and Conditions.